Two Very Special Colorado Dogs Need a Foster Family!

My Christmas Wish is for Nala and Maddie to find

a Wonderful Foster Home or Better Yet, A Furever Home!

Both of these young ladies are under a Divison of Evergreen Animal Protective League, Contact and Foster/Adopt Application for each dog is posted above their name. The Foster Applications do not work so the (Adopt App can be used for either Foster or Adopter)



If anyone can foster Nala, Please fill out Adoption App at EAPL. When filling out the App, please type Wanda Lilly as the EAPL Representative working with you. Here is the link to EAPL Adopt/Foster App (Form can be used for Foster or Adopter) Any question about Nala, Please contact
NALA A VERY SPECIAL PLEA for Nala who appears to have endured some horrific abuse in her short life but is still a happy, sweet girl. We took her to the vet yesterday and he said it appears that some time ago, Nala was stuck in the head with a bat or something with such great force, it damaged her skull and eye BUT Nala is just fine, while she has lost vision in one eye and has an indention in her skull, she has no brain injury and is otherwise healthy. This girl has obviously been through so much, PLEASE help us find a foster for her! After what she endured at the hands of a person, she so deserves a second chance at a loving home. She has all shots, been wormed, and chipped and we are trying to get her fixed before sending out. She is good with other dogs and people, just no cats. How precious is she with those EARS! She looks like a yellow lab with shep ears – very friendly and good natured. She is about a year old and is 55lbs.



If anyone can Foster Maddie, Please email and also here is the link to Adopt/Foster Application is (Form can be used for Foster or Adopter)
MaddieA VERY SPECIAL PLEA for Maddie  This sweetheart is a special needs kinda gal, she has a deformed from left leg. She has short stubby legs like a bassett and the body of one too. She is very beautiful and her personality matches her perfectly. Very sweet and loving! We like to get her leg checked out properly to see what can be done, if anything. She is a younger girl 0about 1-2 years old. yes she was a stray. Left in our night deposit building, no info. She is able to walk on it fine. Maddie is good with other dogs, not sure about cats yet trying to find out.


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