Fosters Urgently Needed for These Great Dogs! Can You Help?

Please, if you can help any of the dogs, please sign up at and respond to their post and we will connect you with the Rescue helping them. All of these dogs are in urgent need of a foster home!!

Jeremy was dumped in the over-night box of a CO shelter in the middle of the night. He is not fixed. He is an 8 year old Heeler …mix in desperate need. He was saved from euthanazia today, but we cannot save him without a foster home. He is good with other dogs, and loves people. Seriously, loves them. It makes him impossible to photograph him, as he’s always trying to crawl into the laps of the photographers. He has weakness in his back legs, and will need someone who can help him strengthen them.


LADY 1 yo female lab mix, cute nice dog. She’s been at the shelter awhile. Please help turn her luck around. Good with dogs and cats. Lady especially waits at the Shelter for someone to come and get her! She has been there too long!!!

Lady 3

Lady 2

Lady 1

is one loving silly oaf of a dog, about 3 yr old, neutered and so friendly and loving, always looking for a good time, making friends wherever he goes. He’s gentle giant and loves playing with toys. He’s such a doll! Take a look at his pictures.

Simba 4

Simba 3

Simba 2

Simba 1

PLEASE HELP US SAVE THIS AMAZING PUP, MATER!!! He has lots of advocates and volunteers that have vouched for him to keep him safe even though the shelter that he came from would not adopt him. We NEED someone to step up to FOSTER this guy (even if just temporarily), so we can give him some training and a REAL chance at adoption and a happily ever after! If you can even foster for 3 weeks until 12/16, Please step up for him!!
Mater is an adult Pit Bull currently at a shelter. He is not doing well in a shelter environment and they are not going to put him up for adoption. We are looking for a foster/adopter to get him out of the shelter. Notes: notes: “Dog is very energetic and strong. Tested well in all categories but does everything a little over the top. would benefit from regular exercise and training. Loves handling but gets excited and jumps on handler. Dog to dog – some vocalization. Is very focused on helper dog but able to approach and allowed him to sniff. He has not had very much socialization and his hackles were up but he was redirected back to handler.” He’s been at shelter since Oct 4 with not a whole lot of socialization or interaction. If you think you can help with Mater, please let us know ASAP!


Pink Lady Is is urgent need of Rescue!!! Notes from Rescue Volunteer about Pink Lady:
I was at the shelter today, and Pink Lady is not doing well. She is beginning to lose interest in playing with humans, which is something she’s always loved. She really needs a foster ASAP so we can get her out of her kennel. This girl is awesome but I’m afraid if she continues to decline in the shelter she’ll no longer be adoptable soon. She can’t be around cats but she loves to play with bigger dogs and is a sweetheart with people. She came to the shelter in such bad shape, but she’s better now and this should be her new beginning, not the end.

Pink Lady

Petunia, a fully vetted 4.5 yr young fem. Black Labrador/Pitty mix, has been at the shelter since May 2012. Her time is up!!! She is a sweet and smart girl who LOVES her toys, even retrieves the ball. She would make a great friend to take on a hike or camping. She wants to be loved and petted and needs a second chance in life. Here are some adorable pictures of her. Just look at her unusual white markings on her chest.

Petunia 1

Petunia 2

Petunia 3