SOS! Seth 10 month old lab/pit mix Need Rescue Today Monday 10/1

Sweet, 10 month old very silly and puppylike SETH needs a foster/adopter today . I can’t begin to describe how lovable and fun this boy is. He has the cutest pink tongue and gums and can’t get enough play-time, loves dogs and cats.

SETH needs a foster by this evening so that he can be on the Denver transport Tuesday. You’ll never bring a cuter gentler little pumpkin into your home. PLEASE help him.

Observations of our photographer:
This boy looks more lab than pit and is super friendly. I took him out on leash and walked him around, ran with him for a while and then sat in the grass and snuggled him. He LOVED every moment out of the kennel. He appears housebroken, as his kennel was cleaned and he did his business outside. He is VERY sweet and was playful with other dogs. He is high energy and will need a home where he can play. He really liked toys too! Contact Lynn if you can help. Lab-pit boy.


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