We have 2 Very Sweet Disabled Pups that Deserve a Foster/Adopter of Their Own!

These two sweethearts most definitely deserve the love of a Foster or Adopter of their own just as much as any other doggie! Please if you can find it in your heart and home to help one of these 2 or both, please Contact Nakio’s Underdog Rescue nakiosunderdogrescue@gmail.com Christie of Christie ‘Tomlinson’ Pace is located on http://www.facebook.com/christie.tomlinsonpace

Christie says: I know paralysis can be a daunting task to take on but I teach you how to properly care for them so you feel comfortable. Once you establish a routine everything just falls into place. Please ready their descriptions.


Faith suffered a spinal injury as a young puppy and has been paralyzed in her back end ever since. She has a harder time getting around without her wheels but when she see’s her wheels come out she is so excited to get strapped in and roll!! She’s 2 years old now and She is a beautiful girl that wants to be your companion! She has been searching high and low for her future family for 2 years…I know they are out there!


Bella doesn’t let obstacles stand in her way, she’s a go getter kind of girl! Bella wants to be where the party is and usually the first one ready to roll! She’s an easy going girl that is looking for a foster or forever home where she can love you and have a good time! Bella loves everyone, great with young children and other dogs! She does enjoy the thrill of the chase with kitties though.


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