We have 2 Very Sweet Disabled Pups that Deserve a Foster/Adopter of Their Own!

These two sweethearts most definitely deserve the love of a Foster or Adopter of their own just as much as any other doggie! Please if you can find it in your heart and home to help one of these 2 or both, please Contact Nakio’s Underdog Rescue nakiosunderdogrescue@gmail.com Christie of Christie ‘Tomlinson’ Pace is located on http://www.facebook.com/christie.tomlinsonpace

Christie says: I know paralysis can be a daunting task to take on but I teach you how to properly care for them so you feel comfortable. Once you establish a routine everything just falls into place. Please ready their descriptions.


Faith suffered a spinal injury as a young puppy and has been paralyzed in her back end ever since. She has a harder time getting around without her wheels but when she see’s her wheels come out she is so excited to get strapped in and roll!! She’s 2 years old now and She is a beautiful girl that wants to be your companion! She has been searching high and low for her future family for 2 years…I know they are out there!


Bella doesn’t let obstacles stand in her way, she’s a go getter kind of girl! Bella wants to be where the party is and usually the first one ready to roll! She’s an easy going girl that is looking for a foster or forever home where she can love you and have a good time! Bella loves everyone, great with young children and other dogs! She does enjoy the thrill of the chase with kitties though.


Alfalfa Needs Help ASAP!


WE CAN’T LEAVE ALFALFA BEHIND AND WE NEED A FOSTER ASAP! PLEASE HELP THIS ADORABLE LITTLE GUY! He is a very small male Papillion x, about 1-2. His card says 3 but he’s not that old. How he loves to snuggle and be on your lap and go for walks. Any activity with people and other dogs is fine with him. Also good with cats. Great looking dog.

Overload of Colorado Small Dogs Needing Foster!

Please help these last 4 dogs as well as others on CPFN that need rescue! sign up today to foster: http://www.facebook.com/groups/Coloradopetfosternetwork/

If anyone is able to Foster, please let us know! We have to know ASAP as they have transport Thursday Morning 9/20 and must be spoken for by Wed 9/19!
Please understand you will be required to fill out a Foster Application, but can Foster to Adopt! If you can help even one of them, please respond to this post ASAP!


LUKE–came in so fearful that he was bitey when meds and shots were administered, but now he’s probably the most snuggly and lovey of the bunch. Adorable bat ears! Great with everyone including cats. 1-2 yr old.


WINNIE–Bassett mix, came in with a 5 month old puppy who has been adopted. Both were running at large. This striking girl is nothing but perfection. Impeccable leash manners, very housebroken, great with kids, cats and dogs. She would be the perfect family dog.


DORI–Dori was supposed to be picked up by a foster for a rescue group Friday and this fell through due to a problem the foster had. I’ve been unsuccessful at finding another foster with this particular rescue. She’s about 8 and a JRT x, small spunky spry and sweet. I’m crazy about this silly little girl who is so good with kids and all other animals, even annoying little puppies. She needs a dental very badly and has bands of tartar. Other than that she’s the picture of health and good manners. She patiently waits for me and when I stop by her kennel and open the door she flies off her little bed. Please help her get out of there and get her teeth cleaned!

Skippy & Carrie are Bonded Pair & we would like to be kept Together if Possible!


CARRIE–very small 1 yr old female chi, surrendered recently with her BFF who may be her littermate. She is a great looking girl who acts fearful and shaky in the noisy kennel but is a ray of sunshine and fun out on the grass where it’s quiet and peaceful.


SKIPPY– gorgeous neutered chi who was recently surrendered with Carrie because their owner couldn’t keep them or didn’t want to. They are a bonded pair but could be separated. He’s also a year old. Their colors complement each other and they’re quite possibly the best looking chis I’ve ever seen. I could have watched their cute antics outside for hours if I had the time.


JEROME– neutered 1-2 yr old Aust cattle x, I’m guessing mixed with dane or lab. He is very attuned to people and great on a leash. Whenever I walk him he glances up at my face every few seconds to make sure I’m happy with him. He was running at large and I can’t for the life of me understand how anyone could not be looking for him, he’s that wonderful. He’s equally loving with cats, kids, large dogs and the tiniest chewy chi puppy. I’ve been badgering my husband about this one for 2 weeks. How I’d love to bring him home and never have him leave. Absolutely everything you’d want in a dog!


NUGGET is a very good looking little guy, my pictures don’t do him justice. He’s 1-2 and JRT & something else. I keep thinking he looks like a chi-sized cattle dog. Very agreeable calm personality, none of the negative qualities often found in JRT’s. Gets along very well with his cagemate, cats, kids and other dogs.


DONNA came into the shelter on 7-9 and had puppies a few weeks later. She’s qute ready to leave! She’s about 2, and about 22 pounds. I have no idea what breed mix she is. Terrier mix is the best we can come up with. She has a small head and is very cute, spunky and sweet. She is very housebroken and good with kids and all other animals, including cats.


CHEWY is a tall, whitish blonde 2 yr old male chi who came into the shelter dangerously thin on Aug 21. He has gained a pound or two and is looking more filled out. He’s cute quiet and sweet and gets along with all animals he’s been with, and kids of course.


CHACHIE is a very pretty very fine-boned chi, blonde and white. His cagemate is a 14 week old chi puppy and when they were playing on the grass today I couldn’t figure out why Chachie was acting just like the puppy because his card said he’s 5 years. I picked him up and looked at his teeth and quickly realized that “years” should have been “months”! He’s just a baby with several puppy teeth left but getting ready to fall out. This little guy is charming and sweet and very very cute, kind of like a dollhouse sized fawn.


MAJOR is a small black 14 week old male chi puppy. He’s Pet of the Week in the local newspaper and could very well get adopted by Wed, but if not he’ll be on the van and in need of a loving foster. My heart goes out to this small young guy in his big kennel. He doesn’t stay on his bed when his kennel floor is cleaned and his feet are wet and cold whenever I pick him up. How he enjoyed the sunshine today.


ALFALFA is a very small male Papillion x, about 1-2. His card says 3 but he’s not that old. How he loves to snuggle and be on your lap and go for walks. Any activity with people and other dogs is fine with him. Also good with cats. Great looking dog.

Special Canine Olympics THIS SATURDAY, 15-Sept., Castlerock, Colorado‏

Special Canine Olympics being held on the 15th of September,  Location: 562 E Castle Pines Pkwy, Ste C5, Castle Pines, CO 80108, (in the Safeway Shopping Center)! They have a lot of activities for the whole family and doggie art painting the dogs walk on the canvas and paint (non toxic) of course and washable. Please Click Link to open Flyer: Special Canine Olympics and tell all your friends!

Sugar Needs a Foster Family, She just keeps waiting & waiting!

Please foster/adopt me and I will Love you Forever!

Sugar keeps getting passed over and needs help! Is there anybody out there that is familar with hounds and would be willing to foster? Sugar is a perfect dog other than her baying, that seems to be the only thing that has kept her from finding a good and forever home. She is so sweet and is just longing for some human attention.   If anybody has the skills with hounds she could use your help to get into a permanet home. Let me know, Please contact me (Rita) at ritab64@msn.com  Sugar is the most loving girl, just longing to connect with her human!

A LETTER TO MY RESCUER by Julie Chadwick

Julie writes, I want to share with all of my rescue friends:

I wrote this the other day when I learned that little Rusty didn’t make it. He was the little one that was dumped at the shelter.  I was sobbing my eyes out. Sometimes we just can’t save them even though we try so hard. Sometimes they are in such bad shape that despite our best efforts they leave us. While I was crying so hard, I ended up writing this. It is for all of you when you feel like you maybe don’t make a difference…but you do!!


A LETTER TO MY RESCUER  (written by Julie Chadwick )

My body is old my body is weak
I’ve spent my life in a backyard alone
The kids are playing in the house

Why can’t I come inside

My body is frail my spirit is pale
I’ve spent my time wandering around alone
Why don’t they love me anymore
They did when I was a puppy

My love is strong but what did I do wrong
I would still defend you but you still pretend
You love me and I wonder is this really love

Then the day comes and I’m so happy
We are going for a ride in the car

Finally you love me – Maybe not so much.
Where are we? What is this place?

I can smell other dogs I can smell fear
I am scared, I am afraid, you walk away
Where are you going
I hear what you tell someone
“he got too old, I don’t want him anymore”

I am in a cage with other dogs barking
We are all scared we can smell death
We know what lies ahead
When will it be my turn next?

Then a miracle happens
Someone walks past my cage
She stops to give me kisses

She whispers gently in my ear

I think they call her a ” rescuer ”
We are all in awe of this person

She says “I’ll take this baby out now”
Wow, yay, yipppee I’m getting out
She puts me in her car and takes lots of
What they call “freedom pics”
I’m so happy now – getting love, getting hugs
For the very first time someone cares for me

Ahh but now I see my rescuer crying

I ask what’s wrong with your eyes
She says to me softly

“I’m so sorry someone failed you”
You see I am very sick and dying
And soon will be going to a place

They call The Rainbow Bridge!

Cry not brave rescuer
For you gave me love
You gave me life for the first time
You gave me dignity and a soft bed of my own
You let me come inside and sleep on your bed
I got to eat soft food, and lie my head on your lap!
I even got to watch something called “Animal Planet”

All the love you gave to me
I will take with me wherever I go
All the hugs and belly rubs I will never forget
Just make me one promise

Dear rescuer, never give up!
Please continue to save my brothers and sisters
In a scary place they call the animal shelter
Don’t ever doubt yourself that you didn’t make a difference
You saved me from the worst fate – dying alone in the shelter
I will forever love you and watch over you like an angel!

Love from the little old dog you rescued!!