Rusty Urgently Needs a Loving Foster! Stuck in CO Shelter!


Rusty 2

Contact Nikki Gwin

He’s been around for a while. Every time I visit the kennel there’s Rusty; wagging, waiting eagerly. His eyes cry out, “Is this the time that I get to go with you!”. Each time I have to pass him by. The amazing thing is he hasn’t stopped smiling all this time..until now.

Rusty is starting to crumble. His environment isn’t conducive for any dog long term; it’s a boarding facility not a home. He receives love and attention, but there are others that need the handler’s attention too.

I spent time with Rusty last night. He leaned deeply into my legs and buried his head. He smiled as I scratched his ears, but there’s no bounce in his step.

When our visit was over and we returned him to his run, his head was low and shoulders slumped. It was as if he has accepted this is his fate.

Defeat, loneliness, and isolation have become the norm.

Rusty has a sad history. He was adopted and banished to a backyard where he was forgotten. He was relinquished and then adopted again. His next adoption left him abandoned by his people in a remote area of the wilderness while they were camping.

Why do humans do such things? I don’t understand, and Rusty certainly doesn’t.

Rusty came to us three months ago. He has spent a lot of time with our trainer learning how to be a dog again. He understands his commands and responsive to requests and instruction. Rusty is eager to please and loves to learn to learn new skills. He’s potty trained, intelligent, and passed that awkward puppy stage.

He’s a medium size boy that enjoys being indoors with his people. He plays well with others including children and dogs. He is going to do better in a home with a passive non-dominant dog. Rusty is a a three year old pit bull that is fully vetted, altered, microchipped and trained.

I need a foster home for Rusty ASAP. He is fully sponsored: there will be no out of pocket costs to his foster family. Everything including food and medical will be covered
I made a promise to Rusty last night; the next time I go to the kennel it’s going to be FOR HIM! and we all know the Fairy Dawg Mother always keeps her promises.
If you live in an area where there are no breed restrictions and can foster Rusty please contact me directly.
Thank you,
Nikki for Rusty


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