OMG! Boomer In Pueblo CO Shelter for 4 Years! He Needs Help ASAP!



All I have to say is that if Boomer was in Pueblo Shelter for 4 years, He must be an awesome dog or he would have been killed! Please give him the chance for a Normal Home Life, If any animal deserves this, Boomer does!!!!!

Please help this dog have a chance at life. After spending 4 years in a shelter, he will be euthanized. Please forward.

Boomer was transferred from a shelter in Pueblo after living there for FOUR YEARS! Now in a Denver area shelter, he is out of options. Though he is social and friendly to those he knows, he is wary initially and doesn’t show well in his kennel – he bit one person in the parking lot who approached him very quickly and another while he was in his kennel – he is very protective while in his kennel. Dara took him on a hike and he licked her face the entire car ride…!

Boomer needs help and deserves to know a life out of a cage!

He loves to ride in the car (front seat of course), and would need to be in a home without other animals. I am really hoping you can help network him, I know him to be a very loving boy, he just needs to get out of the shelter system!

Please email me: if you can help.


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